Boilerplate V2

The "PHP Microsite Boilerplate" is a PHP framework to create simple, yet strongly functional, fast, and secure websites on basically every environment.
Most frameworks and even boilerplates require an exhausting setup process, where you need to install multiple dependencies. This leads to a huge overhead of code, which you often do not need. All of those complexity is also a potential risk for your website. Furthermore, it is often not possible to use most solutions, if you need to deploy it on the cheapest shared hosting plan.
This framework/template is different and right for you, if...
  • You need to build a rather small, but feature-rich website.
  • You choose PHP, because you want to do server-side scripting, while PHP is also maybe the only language, that runs on basically all hosting options.
  • You build this thing on your own or with a maximum of 1 other person. This makes best practice, but complex code structure more of an unnecessary overhead than a helpful concept.
  • You need to get it done fast, while you do not want to make compromises regarding security or performance.

Key Features


Find all the tools and processes, like an out-of-the-box service-worker cache, which finally get you a Google PageSpeed Score of 100!

PWA ready

Make your website an installable Progressive Web App with just a few clicks - it is all prepared - from the necessary markup to the hard technical requirements.

Multi-Level Security

From ready-to-use sanitization functions to well prepared .htaccess (Apache) and Nginx configurations, including firewalls, security headers, and more. All with the ultimate goal to make your website bulletproofed.

SEO optimized

Whatever is possible within technical Search Engine Optimization: The boilerplate got your back. Find a lot of instructions, intelligent meta data, sitemap generation, and more - always with GDPR, and CCPA in mind.

Tailwind + Directus

Support for some of the most awesome modern tools to build high performant content websites.
Use the integrated Tailwind CSS support for even faster frontend work; and include the awesome headless Content Management System Directus within minutes.

CI/CD prepared

Built for easy deployment and workflows. Make use of the integrated build script, deployment scripts, and web hook. Prepared for Apache and Nginx webservers (with well equiped .htaccess and .conf files) - make it run on Microsoft Azure Web Apps (even under PHP 8 and Nginx) with just a few clicks - or at any other basic or advanced web host.


Find everything you need to make your website work with multiple languages - from a pretty language switcher to cookies remembering the user's selection to gettext support. Of course, already optimized for UX and SEO!

Extensive Documentation

The detailed in-code documentation makes it an awesome playground and learning environment. Enjoy!
... and so much more ...